Poetry for the soul

She understood life but she had not fully experienced it

Her ambitions so big no amount of disappointment would get her down

some friends tried to influence her, her mother was worried

But she knew she had to follow what’s inside


She had fire burning inside of her

Her mind went crazy each time she was writing

Her wild imagination made the term pen and paper easy

Once the pen touched the paper there was no stopping her


She was not taught to write but her creativity took over

Every time a song played or she heard a melody of some sort

The words would just come running through

She drains her inspiration everywhere

Her mind is full of words

Her heart full of passion

And that’s why she writes

Poetry for the soul


Wednesday poem

A different kind of love

A love so subtle makes the wildest wind turn down
Makes the coldest weather warmer
Makes the sweetest noise like birds chirping in the morning

Love so easy going but like a train track it knows its direction
Love so humble makes you forget that time actually moved
Love so cheerful like the kids playing in the park
The love that has no age therefore cannot be defined by time
A different kind of love

Love that makes you miss something you can’t describe
Love that is defined even by the sound of a certain song or beat
Love that can be seen but yet difficult to understand
The love that shares and never anticipate
A different kind of love

Love that is not defined by roles but by just care, love and support for
each other
Love that has no boundaries but respects
Love that honors and is always true
Love that does not escape but rather waits when things are tough
That’s a different kind of love

Lol we are different but have many things in common and we just find common ground to everything that happens
Why.. Because of this different kind of love

J-lyn Matjila


I live most of my life in my mind because its were there my happiness is, I am full of imagination and in my mind all that is possible, I have come across many series and episodes of pain but with faith and love I managed to pull through.. after all every situation has a beginning and an ending I am proud everyday of myself and I am in outmost appreciation for everything. Even when life throws me stones lol I always know I can fall onto my paradise…

J-lyn Matjila




Poetry Wednesday

A black African nation

I feel so sad to call myself a South African
Oh wait.. I believe the word I am looking for is embrassed.. I am embarrassed to see what this nation has become
I see that the United we once possessed is broken
And the only way South Africans know how to do is retaliate with violence..

Black on black wars..woman and children getting raped by our own men
Indeed what is happening to this nation we once loved… “Our father who art in heaven heal our land before it is no more”

I sit here watching it cramble bit by bit divided slowly by what we define as right and wrong.. But have we sat down and asked ourselves what all this fighting and violence will lead to.. and how bad do you think things will be when we try to recover

I am so embrassed to call myself a South African.. I mean all this hate and torture towards our fellow Africans
Forgetting we are one continent divided by the countries but that should not matter we are human beings before any race…no any state

We seem to have forgotten what that means.. Even other countries who call Africa the motherland are at a disgrace to see whats happening … I bet mother nature is furious to see what happening all around her..

Oh Lord I get frustrated even when I try to pray because I don’t even know where to begin.. But the closet place would be deliver us from this evil.. And lead us into a good path… I am sorry I have nothing else to say as all I see is disgrace

Nkosi sikela Iafrica is our nation anthem but note it does say nkosi sikele Isouth africa.. The national anthem was meant to be shared as much as this beautiful nation we have but we are destroying it

Do we have a future I believe not if we still want to fight in this manner we are far from being a united nation.. We pulling In different directions its not even funny because we are so lost

Our authorities, government are a mockery… where are you.. You have been too quiet I am not sure if you waiting for more people to get hurt in order for you to intervene
I am so sorry I am so lost for words mother earth is being watered by our blood and soon enough it will overflow to the rivers and the water we once knew will have changed form.. Red will be the new common colour..

Oh motherland…
Let’s stop the violence before it unwinds and get absorbed into our children
Africa unite that’s what we should teach them.. To love and not to hate.. To respect and not to degrade
To accept and not judge
And finally to live to the honor

Africa unite
We need to unite

J-lyn Matjila


Bullying /Cyberbullying

At times we tend to overlook this bullying thing… Have you ever been bullied? Well I have been in primary school, there was this one girl whom felt entitled to have my food everyday

Well being afraid I neve used to say anything though I was always  scared of her so that made my school days longer but my family took note because I always came home hungry though they pack enough lunch for me but still I will always complain.. The day I was brave enough to talk I had a talk with my mom and she told me how no one had a right to do what They wanted with my things.. There and then I got the courage to tell my teacher and though I felt sorry for her because she came from a background that was not to great at all she used a very bad way of actions to show her suffering

Advice of you being bullied please speak up and to someone you trust that’s where their power over you gets taken away

J-lyn Matjila



well in life we have a very different way of explaining relationships but at the end of the day it boils down to how you see it…I believe in love but I believe in the love that chooses me, love is beautiful and its supposed to be simple and effortless if its for the right reasons, but its kinder complicated because these days people define love by material things and not what the heart feels… love I all the good morning  messages, goodnight text, going out on dates.. sitting in bed and just talking.. but slowly people are loosing the real meaning of love.. but I will say.. if you have love keep it .. if it is true then you are lucky..


J-Lyn Matjila


Poetry Wednesday

The lost heart

I asked you to stay but you couldn’t
You gave me excuses after excuses but forgot the truth you once told me
Once upon a time you said
Before all this happened

You turned around and a piece of paper fell out of your pocket
I watched you head for the door
With no intention of turning back

I sat down to read the paper that fell and it said alot in one word
The paper was written fear
Well I don’t know what you were afraid of
Hadn’t I been myself this whole time

I froze for a moment thinking you were coming back
But I thought okay even if you not
I had given you my all but maybe I had given you too much

Had I given you too much?
Because when I asked you to stay
You couldn’t.. All was left was this stupid piece of paper I kept reading over and over and over again
A paper full of excuses explained in one word fear

Once upon a time before all this happened I understood what you meant to me
But right now I am so lost..see It’s like traveling in a maze but the problem is this maze has thorns and I get cut deep each time I get lost in it.. how painful because I too let you get lost in my maze but the difference is with mine I gave you a map full of direction and you had a Smooth path

I cannot imagine what you going through but I know what I feel is pain
We became completely comfortable to travel the roads which we opened though I think I forgot to wear shoes thinking you would be able to carry me right through this bumpy road

But I was fooled wait I was a fool to believe this fairytale because as soon as I saw you turn around and head for the door I didn’t think it was… The end
But I guess in your mind you had already figured it out what you wanted.. And I was the only one still lost in you maze..

LOL.. But it’s okay..

J-lyn Matjila